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Jan 15 2018

Leon & The Fantastic

I was happy to have played drums on this album and even happier when this video came out, super cool!

Jan 3 2018


I have started a new cymbal business, ROUND SOUND CYMBALS!!





We specialize in Turkish, hand hammered cymbals. If you live in the Bay Area, you can make an appointment and visit our showroom at our website, roundsoundcymbals.com

We learned and tracked 100 songs in 7 days for this album. Totally nuts.

Feb 5 2017

New album

I played drums on the new Anthony Presti album:

Oct 8 2016

A recent Thao show

May 15 2016


I am really happy with how this album turned out. A bunch of Bay Area all stars are on playing on it. Some excellent song writing by my friend Cooper Kenward, the man behind Glass Mountain Rodeo. Click on the art to give a listen and purchase the album!


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